October 27, 2011

The fall slacker. . . .

Yep!  That's me...the fall slacker!  I've got rotten pumpkins and dead chrysanthemum's decorating my front porch and had rotten gourds in my cloche.....that has been the extent, thus far, of my fall decorating!

In fact, I went to open my bin of fall decorations today and found this.....

Don't EVER get the fake gourds mixed up with the real gourds and leave them in a bin for a year.....GROSS!!

So, today, I decided to have a little fall crafting marathon.....I started by going to my Fall Ideas Pinterest Board.  Do you pin?  At first, I really drug my feet about pinning....I was concerned about the privacy issues, but wow, has it made life easier!

Prior to Pinterest, I would write my ideas down on little scraps of paper with my scribbles and drawings trying to keep a record of what I saw. 

I also kept a HUGE favorites tab on my computer.  That was great.......until the computer crashed!

So after I tried salvaging the horrid plastic pumpkins....which I couldn't!!......I came up with this for my fall mantle....

Kathy from Dandelions and Dustbunnies sent me the charger....I won it in one of her giveaways!  The books are thrift store just covered in burlap....the leaves are Dollar Tree.  I think that I used 3 strands?

I purchased the ceramic pumpkins last year at The Dollar Tree...yep, $1.00!

I made the wreath last year from a blog I had seen....that was when I first was introduced to the world of blogging!  

I bought the corn husks at a Mexican food store and trimmed them and then hot glued them onto a foam wreath. I added a little stain to the edge of my husks to give them an aged look.

I'm a little late getting into the fall decorating game, but, at least I've gotten started!

Now I am just waiting for these pumpkins to start rotting....


Shabby Marilyn said...

HELLO, New follower and to your blog! I love the husk wreath and I still scribble notes and have tons in my favorites, so many ideas and the do list!!! Then some get lost in time! I need to do Pinterest, I signed on but where do the hours go each day???
Come visit and hopefully follow!

Unknown said...

Keepin' it real! Love it!

Lil Mama Stuart said...

haha grosss! At least they were in a plastic bag to contain the mold.

I hate when my carved pumpkins get all moldy :(

Mantle looks warm and cozy!

Unknown said...

Your fall mantel looks beautiful. Love the husk wreath.

I believe it was a 32. oz carton. It has a plastic flip lid. I had almost a full carton of mine, and I poured it all in. Good luck.

WINKS, jen

Natasha in Oz said...

Your wreath looks great. I also love the candle you made. I think your touches of Fall look fabulous.

If you have 5 minutes to spare, please pop by and check out some of my favourite Halloween pins. I would be so thrilled if you could also link up this post to my weekly Pinning & Singing Pinterest party!

Take care and stay warm! I hope you have a great Halloween!

Best wishes,

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