June 27, 2012

Thrifty Thursday #66

Less than 24 hours till hubby is home.....I think I can, I think I can........

Truly, my kids have been amazing, but there's just something about not having
another adult in the house that wears....me....down!

I think it's because I have to answer every.....single...question....and they
ask A LOT of questions!  For which, I am usually grateful, but am just a
little out of answers!

I'm excited to get to the features that week because, once again, you all shared
FABULOUS projects!  There continues to be such an amazing pool of talent
among you all!

Thanks for visiting  and linking every week!!

Reason #2,317 to own a Silhouette....these beautiful latitude/longitude signs from The Concrete Cottage.

Art is Beauty transformed an ugly dresser into this gorgeous piece of art!

I love this chalkboard gallery wall designed by Toolbox Teenah.

The Ivy Cottage shared the recipe for this homemade blueberry 
cheesecake ice cream...yum!

Another fun summer recipe was linked by Saving 4 Six....Pink Lemonade Pound Cake!

I doubt they are healthy, but these taco fries from The Crafty 
Blog Stalker sure do look good!

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June 26, 2012

Kitchen Cleaner for a lot less....

Things have been quiet around the blog this week because they have been 
BUSY at home!

My hubby is in Northern Ireland on a mission trip and has been gone for over a week.
It's usually about this point that I start feeling a....little....bit....C-RAZY!!!

Before he leaves I always have these big plans to read.....get projects done....relax...


He leaves and I accumulate all of his chores and mine!!  
How do I manage to forget that every year???

Before I share my "enlightened" idea about kitchen cleaner, I need to brag a bit on my boys because they are what inspired my need to go cheap on cleaner.

My boys are swimmers.  
You see, my hubby is 6'5" tall....
For a person to get that tall, you must grow a LOT and that is what hubby did, except
that he would grow in spurts. He'd start the baseball season with
20'" arms and end the season with 22" arms....that makes for a lot of strikeouts!

So when our kids were young we talked about what types of sports we could put them in......where we saw them being successful.  Baseball was out!

We landed on swimming.  
It's a sport made for long...lanky....grow-4-inches-in-a-year people with big feet.

Now, just to keep it real, this mama has ABSOLUTELY no ability for swimming.
I could tread water if necessary.....maybe even do a lap if being chased by
sharks, but putting my head underwater.....doesn't happen!

Every year my kids jokingly ask at the start of pool season..."Hey, Mom, gonna get your head wet this year?"

"No, children, you see, my chemically treated hair may just explode if it touches chlorine!"  
{That and I HATE water up my nose!}

So when my boys look like this....

and this...

and bring home some first place ribbons, I gotta get a little excited because I
had absolutely nothing to do with it!

But....isn't this supposed to be a post about KITCHEN CLEANER??

Oh yeah.....so the reason I need to cut costs with kitchen cleaner is because my
boys are swimming and eating EVERY OUNCE OF FOOD IN SIGHT!!!

Seriously, I am going broke on bananas alone.  So the other day I thought,
why don't I just buy a concentrated bottle of cleaner that I usually use to mop
floors and dilute it to make my spray cleaner??

Before I diluted it, I checked the back of the bottle, and wouldn't you know, but
they actually had instructions for how to do this!!!

Take your concentrated cleaner...

Measure out 4 ounces....the bottle calls for 1 ounce/15 ounces water, 
but I wanted to make mine stronger.

I then used my empty bottle of cleaner and filled it with 28 ounces of warmer water.
{Because 4 oz cleaner + 28 ounces water = a 32 ounce bottle!}

So what do you save by doing this??

Let's do the math:

Lysol concentrated cleaner:  $2.79/40 ounces
{If you use 4 ounces per bottle, it can make 10 32-ounce bottles of cleaner}

Total cost: $0.28/bottle!!!

AND you're reusing a plastic bottle!

You're Welcome!

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June 22, 2012

Nikon D3100 Giveaway from GroopDealz

About 18 months ago I switched from a point and click camera to our 
Nikon D3100....I can't even imagine what life was like before!

I LOVE my camera.  It is easy to use and takes great pictures...the error is
usually on my part! :)

If you would like to win one, GroopDealz is giving one away!!  
You can enter below through Rafflecopter!

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June 20, 2012

Thrifty Thursday #65

We are back from the beach and had such a good time!
I'd love to post some pictures, but it's going to take me forever to go through them all and get them edited!

Do you ever find yourself not taking pictures because of the hassle of editing them???  I'm getting really bad about that and am backlogged on about a billion photos!

I'm excited to share this week's features....you all had some fabulous projects linked up!

Homespun Happenings made these "old" crates using pallet wood, an
old leather belt and a metal labels from a yard sale....and she only spent $1.50!!

To truly appreciate the makeover of this chair from 551 East Furniture 
Designsyou need to compare the before...

to the after....isn't it gorgeous!

Chase the Star turned an old dinette set into this fun table for the kid's playroom!

Country Mama Cooks created this absolutely beautiful planter using 
tomato cage and a hanging basket!

These soft pretzels from Feeding My Temple not only look delicious,
but they also don't look too complicated to make!

Love Grows Wild shared a excellent way to keep your leftover paint
organized....mason jars!!

Are you interested in designing new blog buttons?  Projects Around
the House has a very clear tutorial for how to do-it-yourself!

Finally, Jewelry Making Journal shared a great tutorial for how to make
this mixed metal wrap bracelet...it would look great with any outfit!

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June 19, 2012

Over at The 36th Avenue

I am so excited to be sharing my Old Window Pot Rack at

The 36th Avenue is one of my absolute favorite blogs!!  
You can find amazing recipes, fun crafts, beautiful room makeovers
and just gorgeous, inspiring pictures!

Thanks so much, Desiree, for allowing me to visit today!

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June 18, 2012

Distressed Chalkpaint Corner Hutch

I shared earlier with you about my first experience bidding in a silent auction and 
how I had to outbid a sweet little grandpa for this hutch....

She was a beauty wasn't she!  I had some friends scratching their heads as to
why I was nervously bidding on this piece, but I had a vision!

And here's what I saw in my head....

My photos don't really capture her in all of her glory, but she IS a beauty!

I made my own chalkpaint and painted and distressed her.  
I even added a topcoat of Annie Sloan's wax.  

The round knobs are just spraypainted with black spraypaint and I bought inexpensive
black handles for the drawers at my True Value hardware store.

I took the glass out of the doors and went to my shed for some chicken wire which I just stapled right to the back of the doors....cobwebs and all!  

I mixed up some more homemade chalkpaint and using a sample can of paint, I painted the inside a pretty blue color.  I've been using sample cans more often for smaller projects.  

I realize that there are not hardeners in sample cans, but if the painted area is not going to get heavy wear, the DIY chalkpaint recipe helps it to hold up!

I've had some major scores recently at Goodwill and have been outfitting the hutch with white dishes.  I got the soup tureen for $5.00!!! Woohoo!!  

I think that I skipped out of the Goodwill that day!

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June 15, 2012

Homeschooling: Cleaning up an oil spill

Have you started hearing, "I'm bored!" yet???

I thought that I would share a fun project that we did this year that
can get "bored" kids excited about science!

I taught an elementary chemistry class this past year for our co-op and one of
our lessons was on organic compounds.  After I had the kids learn how to name simple alkanes, we talked about how oil is a hydrocarbon.

Then, we recreated an oil spill!

The students were given an "environment" complete with animals and plants! Our animals consisted of fake fur and feathers.  The kids just went outside and found some leaves for plants.  

To really recreate the ocean, you can add blue food coloring and salt.  We also had the students build an island of rocks in the center of their pan.

My oil was just canola oil, but we decided that it would have been a lot more fun had we used some motor oil!

We required the students to "purchase" all of their clean-up materials setting a
maximum spending budget of $20,000,000.

Off to the side we had a "Wildlife Rescue Center" that contained a bowl with soap and some paper towels.  Students had to pay extra to use that station to clean their animals.

I have tried to find out where I got this lab originally and cannot find the source.  Here is the table that listed the "cost" of their supplies.  Be easy on me if the link doesn't work right away.  It's my first attempt using Google documents.

If anyone knows a source or direct link, please let me know.  I'd much rather use that!

The class was a huge success and I know that many students in the class went home and "instructed" their younger siblings and recreated another spill at home!

The students also learned how tedious it is to remove all of the oil and how limited they are by a budget!  Great life lessons!

I love when kids get excited about science!

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June 13, 2012

Thrifty Thursday #64

The features this week are going to be short and sweet because hopefully,
at the moment, I am lying on the beach enjoying the sun and sand!!

Creatively Living used old insulators to make this beautiful coat rack.
I just love the colors she used!

House Made Home put board and batten on the top half of 
her wainscoting....what a cool idea!

Fancy Frugal Life shared a fun {and simple!} idea for a patriotic dessert!

Anyone else remember Orange Julius??  Semi Homemade Mom 
recreated a Strawberry Orange Julius....YUM!!

When I Get It All Together refashioned an old white oxford into 
this stylish ruffle front shirt!

I've been wanting to clean my jewelry and Everything I Love and Enjoy 
linked up this DIY jewelry cleaner recipe.....I can't wait to try it!

Fourth of July is coming sooner than you think and woohoo!  the letter 4 is
sharing these FREE {and adorable} party printables with us!

Tales of a Trophy Wife is inspiring me to go grab a pattern and try 
my hand at this Anthropologie knock-off skirt.

Once again....great projects everyone!
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