December 31, 2012

my word for 2013....

I don't often jump on the bandwagon of New Year's resolutions.....
it's just too easy to set unrealistic goals and expectations and 
never meet them.

How many people make New Year's resolutions only to forget where they put the list the following week?  Guilty!  I know that I have done it!

We commit to exercising regularly....dieting....getting out of debt....quitting 
smoking....organizing our house!

There's a reason plastic containers and exercise equipment go on sale the first week of January!  Somehow, in the date...January 1, 2013, we see new beginnings....hope....a fresh start.

But, how often, come March, the exercise equipment is collecting dust in a 
corner....the plastic bins are empty and missing lids and our credit card 
statement sits unopened on the desk for fear of seeing the actual bill.

Last year, I watched a lot of bloggers choose a "word of the year". 
I didn't pick one because I just couldn't think of a word that I could fulfill.

I didn't want to look back in a year and think.....oh yeah, that's right, I picked 
a word of the year...oops, forgot about that!

Recently, I've been reading the book Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst and it 
has really been challenging a good way.

As I have been reading, I think that I found my word for 2013......
Too many times we expect that by giving our unmet expectations and goals a new name.....resolutions......we somehow think that they'll miraculously be accomplished.

Instead, this year, I just want to see progress.....a slower measure of movement forward.

I may not organize my entire house....that overwhelms me to a point where I just don't know where to begin.  Instead, I can organize my pantry....progress.

I may still lose my temper, get annoyed, and yell at my kids, but I am going to do it less......and those 
times when I make the right choice, I am going to mark that as....progress.

I have the tendency to over-commit and then find myself overwhelmed....I'm 
going to start with one thing to drop from my busy schedule....progress.

Do you want to join me this year.....a new year that will be marked with progress.


Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

I think PROGRESS is a great way to start 2013 .. Love your blog... Happy New year ```````Sherry @ The Rusty pearl

Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

I think that's the perfect word for 2013. I have lots of things I want to work on this year, but thinking about it all at once just makes me feel tired and overwhelmed. Small and steady goals will win the race.

Laura & Family said...

Thanks for sharing! You inspired me -- I downloaded Unglued to my nook. Sounds like a book that I could use!

Good Time Charlie said...

Perfect word. I love this word. In fact, I use it in a positive sense often. I believe that if we are not moving forward, we are moving backward. I always give credit to people who may have lots of shortcomings, but if they are striving to make "progress" to do better, then in my book, they are far better off than those of us who stay complacent in where we are. Happy New Year!

Bliss said...

Progress is an easily attainable word. As long as you move forward you will progress and you have each new day to make a new start with that!


Unknown said...

I found you randomly through Pinterest for a recipe. It's rare that I'll start perusing the entire blog but what caught my attention was the homeschooling. I was homeschooled all the way through and it's the best! Anyway, I love this post about progress and it will be my inspiration for my new blog Pinterest365 where I'll be tackling a pin a day for the year. Thanks!

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