January 2, 2012

Healthy Homemade Chicken Fingers

We try to eat healthy....my husband is the driving force behind this and I
really appreciate his support (and sometimes nagging) in this area!

We rarely eat fast food.....it's expensive and my kids all realize its
lack of nutritional substance!

But they do love chicken fingers.....so my hubby devised a way to make
chicken fingers healthy and delicious!

I start with Panko bread crumbs.....I didn't know what Panko was until
about a year ago....Panko adds such yummy flavor! 
You can find it in your grocery aisle with the other bread crumbs...usually next to the bread.

I apologize that I don't have pictures of this next part, but I 
take my piece of trimmed chicken and roll it in flour.....sometimes I will use
wheat flour or even oat flour.....the Panko disguises the taste of this healthier option for flour!

Next, I dip the flour-coated chicken in a bowl of egg whites....and then I roll it in 
the Panko breadcrumbs....

The unhealthiest part of chicken finger is frying.....I don't fry them in a "depth" of oil...

Instead, I pour about 3-4 Tablespoons of olive oil to coat my pan and fry them
in the olive oil.....the olive oil gives it such a better flavor!

If I am frying a lot of chicken, I will need to keep refreshing the oil in my
skillet, but I only ever put enough oil to coat the bottom....

For a dipping sauce, we usually use a healthy option of 
Honey Mustard salad dressing.

I love to serve these with a big salad and fresh pineapple...

What types of healthy meals do you feed your family?


Dayna said...

Try coconut oil. Flavor is even better than olive and it doesn't taste like coconut at all.

Nicole@Thrifty Decorating said...

Hmm....I've never used coconut oil...can you buy that in a grocery store? :)

Sue @ Cakeballs, cookies and more said...

I agree with the coconut oil, we get it at the health food store here. And now i am hungry for chicken fingers!

Shay said...

Looks good! I agree with Dayna, coconut oil is great! Shay http://raisingdieter.blogspot.com/

Shay said...

New Follower! Feel free to come and visit me :) http://raisingdieter.blogspot.com/

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