June 26, 2012

Kitchen Cleaner for a lot less....

Things have been quiet around the blog this week because they have been 
BUSY at home!

My hubby is in Northern Ireland on a mission trip and has been gone for over a week.
It's usually about this point that I start feeling a....little....bit....C-RAZY!!!

Before he leaves I always have these big plans to read.....get projects done....relax...


He leaves and I accumulate all of his chores and mine!!  
How do I manage to forget that every year???

Before I share my "enlightened" idea about kitchen cleaner, I need to brag a bit on my boys because they are what inspired my need to go cheap on cleaner.

My boys are swimmers.  
You see, my hubby is 6'5" tall....
For a person to get that tall, you must grow a LOT and that is what hubby did, except
that he would grow in spurts. He'd start the baseball season with
20'" arms and end the season with 22" arms....that makes for a lot of strikeouts!

So when our kids were young we talked about what types of sports we could put them in......where we saw them being successful.  Baseball was out!

We landed on swimming.  
It's a sport made for long...lanky....grow-4-inches-in-a-year people with big feet.

Now, just to keep it real, this mama has ABSOLUTELY no ability for swimming.
I could tread water if necessary.....maybe even do a lap if being chased by
sharks, but putting my head underwater.....doesn't happen!

Every year my kids jokingly ask at the start of pool season..."Hey, Mom, gonna get your head wet this year?"

"No, children, you see, my chemically treated hair may just explode if it touches chlorine!"  
{That and I HATE water up my nose!}

So when my boys look like this....

and this...

and bring home some first place ribbons, I gotta get a little excited because I
had absolutely nothing to do with it!

But....isn't this supposed to be a post about KITCHEN CLEANER??

Oh yeah.....so the reason I need to cut costs with kitchen cleaner is because my
boys are swimming and eating EVERY OUNCE OF FOOD IN SIGHT!!!

Seriously, I am going broke on bananas alone.  So the other day I thought,
why don't I just buy a concentrated bottle of cleaner that I usually use to mop
floors and dilute it to make my spray cleaner??

Before I diluted it, I checked the back of the bottle, and wouldn't you know, but
they actually had instructions for how to do this!!!

Take your concentrated cleaner...

Measure out 4 ounces....the bottle calls for 1 ounce/15 ounces water, 
but I wanted to make mine stronger.

I then used my empty bottle of cleaner and filled it with 28 ounces of warmer water.
{Because 4 oz cleaner + 28 ounces water = a 32 ounce bottle!}

So what do you save by doing this??

Let's do the math:

Lysol concentrated cleaner:  $2.79/40 ounces
{If you use 4 ounces per bottle, it can make 10 32-ounce bottles of cleaner}

Total cost: $0.28/bottle!!!

AND you're reusing a plastic bottle!

You're Welcome!


Bliss said...

Dog paddle. I can do the dog paddle if I have to swim away from sharks. Yeah..... I'm getting eaten for sure.


Lil Mama Stuart said...

I'm the same...slower blog = more time having summer fun!

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Thank you!

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