June 6, 2012

The post that keeps getting spammed....

I've been getting hammered with spam and it has revolved around the following post...

I'm pretty sure it's because the post had the word *patriotic* in the title, so
around Memorial Day, I started getting up to and sometimes over 100 spam comments a DAY!

I had a break for about a day and now it's starting again.
So I removed it from my past postings and am reposting here....

Enjoy and hopefully the spam will slow down!

Yesterday, I showed you how I took this old ugly sign that was in the way...

and turned it into a Rustic Flag....for FREE!!

When my hubby cut my wood for me, there was about a 5-6 inch 
scrap leftover that I didn't want to throw away.

Andy, over at Poppies at Play, has been making very fun patriotic 
crafts and printables and she offered this one for free! 

It is part of a set of 3 and she also has the vinyl available for purchase! 

I haven't quite figured out how to do printables....I know that you need to somehow send it to a photo processing place....some day I'll figure it out!

Instead, I copied the picture to my desktop and inserted it into a new word document.  I resized it and printed it out.  At this point, I was interested in the numbers and not the printable.

I cut out my numbers....originally, I had tried to find a similar font on dafont.com, but I was overwhelmed by the choices.....I don't function well when I have too many choices!

I wasn't concerned with cutting the numbers out exactly....am I ever???  I knew that I was going to sand them. 

I painted my board red using a dry brush technique that I talked about in my Rustic Flag post....

I traced my numbers with a pencil and painted them in with white paint....my hubby was over my shoulder saying, "Don't you want to use a lettering brush?" No....it's supposed to look rustic!!

I sanded down my letters, added a little "somethin', somethin'" twine and went over it with tea-dye distressing ink.....it was still missing something.

I cut out a free-handed star and painted 3 blue stars, sanded and distressed them.

I love my little piece of wood scrap that turned into a patriotic beauty!

What do you do with your wood scraps?


Morgan said...

This is super cute! I love the stars, they add exactly what it needed!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Oh -- this is cute! Pinning to my patriotic board in hopes I'll have 4th of July decorations ready this year BEFORE 4th of July!

Alecia @ ChickenScratch NY said...

Love it! I'm sorry you got spammed but I'm glad you re-posted it because I missed it the first time!

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