November 13, 2010

Craig's List Find: Refinishing an old ugly table

I wasn't looking for a table, but I was searching Craig's List for chairs.....because years ago, someone---who will not be named----sat in our chair at a Christmas party and broke it and it's never been the same since! 

When I pulled the back off for the 600th time, I decided to check Craig's List.

And that is when I saw a listing for a table and 4 chairs for $30!!!!  I had been learning about the power of spraypaint and felt ready to tackle this project!

The table had an awesome structure, but it was surrounded with this carved scrolly-type etching.  It was everywhere and quite overpowering, so I decided to fill it in with this:

I ran over to my local True Value hardware store and grabbed a little jar of Zar wood patch.  (I should have grabbed the BIG jar, because 3 small jars later.....grr!)

And then I sanded.....and sanded....and sanded and THEN I realized that my husband has a orbital hand sander.....Why don't I think of these things to start with????

After dust was EVERYWHERE, I pulled out my KILZ spray paint primer.  As a homeschool family, we use our kitchen table I knew that this table needed to withstand 3 meals/day, science experiments, lego battles, spilled drinks......I needed the power of KILZ!

KILZ was a little expensive at our hardware store...$4.99/can, but it was less than the gas to drive to Home Depot.  I used 1 can of KILZ on the top sanding lightly after coating it.

Then I got my Krylon Ivory Gloss spraypaint and started lightly coating the table.

Can you see the layer of dust in my garage???? LOL

I think that I needed about 3 cans of Ivory to completly coat the table and the leaf.  Thankfully, it was ON SALE!!!  at True Valuefor $3.22/can. (They often put their spray paint on sale and carry both Krylon and Rustoleum brands!)  I think that it's somewhat cheaper at Wal-mart, but again.....the drive....

(I think that it was at this point that my neighbor walked over and asked me what color I was going to paint the's already painted?!?)

After letting it dry, I started the sanding and glazing process.  YES....sanding again!!  I went along all the lines and using a piece of folded sandpaper, I roughed it up.

I then took glaze....unfortunately, I borrowed some from my mom, so it came in an old Folger's coffee can!  But you can make it by buying Behr Glaze and having it tinted.  You may have to ask Home Depot for assistance there.  I have often used stain to "antique" my furniture, but the glaze worked much better.

I was able to give the table depth by rubbing on the glaze and wiping with a damp cloth.  I applied the glaze heavier to my sanded areas.

I would do some glazing and then step away for an hour so that when I returned, I would have "fresh eyes."  I could see areas that I had missed or areas where I wanted the glaze darker.

After the glaze dried, I sprayed a clear coat of spray paint polyacrylic sealer, but then realized that the table would be heavily used and needed something stronger.

Since I already had some of this Minwax Polyacrylic satin finish.....I brushed about 3 coats on.

And here she all of her glory....

She wipes off SOOOO easily!!

But wait......wasn't the whole reason that I was on Craig's List was for the chairs?????????? :)

I'll show you those later!!


Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Looked like alot of work, but so worth it! Nice job!

momof2inNY said...

I am just poking around on here---found your site through another home site. I love what you did with your table. Mine is very similar and could use a face lift. I never would have thought spray paint would work so well! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Audrey said...

I just discovered this wonderful world of DIY'ers and bloggers. I am hooked. Love all the posts on the things you have made. Beautiful. You are very talented.
Been thinking about doing this to my table and chairs also. It's the same style, just trimmed in Hunter Green! Yikes! Here's hoping I can come close to as fantastic as yours. Not sure if I should sand all the green down, or just prime over it. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for the great tutorial. Can't wait to see what else you have to post!

Unknown said...

wow, I am pretty much in pretty!! Why do I not think of this???? See, that's why I follow blogs like teach me!

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