November 14, 2010

Starting small with ORB and the Goodwill

I've always been a Goodwill shopper.  I just haven't always known what to buy......until I started reading blogs. 

This was one of my first projects with ORB.

We have this amazing store called The Gift and Thrift. They seriously sell EVERYTHING!!  Do you need an old egg carton?  They'll have it!  Baby food jar?  Check!  Margarine container?  Check!  Pieces of old yarn? Check!  And on Friday, from 5-8pm, everything is 50% off!!

Here's a quick project with supplies that almost ALL thrifts stores will have.

Start with an old plate:

Spray it with ORB:

(I'm not sure what I just got sprayed ORB!)

The Gift and Thrift had styrofoam balls for like $0.10 I grabbed some and some of their yarn scraps.

Using hot glue, I just wrapped the balls in yarn.

I've seen people wrap anything from ping-pong balls to kickballs with yard, jute, or twine!  I've even see people glue dried beans to the styrofoam balls and spray paint them ORB!   I started one, but ran out of beans!

I then filled a hurricane lamp (the glassware section of Goodwill has tons!) with the yarn-wrapped balls and voila.....a centerpiece.

(Can you tell what is next to be sprayed?????)

I am thinking that for Christmas, it would look nice filled with pinecones and a white candle, tied with a bow and greens around the bottom.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff

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