November 21, 2010

ORB Lights Tutorial

Of all the posts....everyone seems to LOVE Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint!  Isn't it amazing!!  It transforms ANYTHING into something beautiful!

A reader had a question about the lights that I had mentioned in another posting, so here are some instructions ......they are SOOOO easy!!

I have no before pictures, but please trust me....this lamp was UGLY!!!  It was an 80's maroon color......deep maroon!  I purchased it at Goodwill for about $3.00.  (I think that it was in my haul the day I picked the 30% coupon from the fishbowl!)

I am not particular when I spray....I don't even pull out any painter's tape.  I think that I just took this into the field next door and sprayed!! (It was warmer then!)

When spraying......just do light, even coats.....and don't panic if you get drips!  After it dries, you can sand down the drips and spray all over's amazing!

I probably put 2 coats of ORB on this lamp....maybe 3 because the maroon was so dark. 

Isn't she gorgeous???? (I don't know if the picture is blurry or if that is just dust!)

Now....because you may be wondering about the fall's also oil-rubbed bronze (ORB).

This project cost me NOTHING!!!  The Nester tells her readers to "shop the house" and that is exactly what I did.  I ripped the pictures of my nieces and nephews out of the frame (so sorry!) and sprayed it. 

Then...I took scrapbook paper on-hand....trimmed it to 8 1/2 x 11 and stuck it in my printer.  I found scripty looking letters in my word processing program.... and then printed them out randomly with enough space between them to have a border.

I cut them out in rectangles to center the letter in the frames and that was it!!!!!  I even found a little leaf on Google images and printed it out.....really it took all of 10 minutes not including the dry time.

I think for Christmas I am going to go and get Christmas-y scrapbook paper and print out the letters "PEACE" or "JESUS."

Here's another hint-----if you don't have a frame like mine that is connected....  (And I actually tried to tear them apart, but realized that it would destroy the whole's bent a little if you look closely!)...go to The Dollar individual small frames there for $1.00---spray them and you have something even more adorable!!

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