March 16, 2011

Cloche Makeover

{A new look....}

Remember my ORB cloche???

Well......I was tired of it being black, so I sprayed it Rustoleum Heirloom white, sanded it and distressed it with glaze....

.....a whole new look for....NOTHING!!!

And the bird nest???

....twine for now.....until I get my daughter to make me one!

Chances are it will probably just stay twine.....but I do need to get some of the Easter candy that looks like robin's eggs!

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angie said...

i just posted about nearly the same thing today :) maybe i'll link it up tomorrow! hope the linky party goes well!!!

Paulette, Jvona & Rachel said...

I like it! Good luck keeping the kiddos out of the candy eggs. Mine have all disappeared in one day. I think I'll have to make some from clay and paint them. :-/

Vicki said...

I absolutely love it in white. Great little project.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a different cloche... amazing what paint can do! Sweet twine nest, as well!

Take care!
Michelle said...

Loving the white!
Thanks for sharing.
Found you on tater tots.....

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