July 31, 2011

Bottlecap Magnets from Everyday Lovely.....


I really love the vintage look, so when I saw these magnets over at everyday lovely, I asked Cailan if I could share some of her projects with my readers.

What I love most about the magnets.....the fact that you are using everyday materials to make something pretty and practical!

Cailan just added some mod podge and shoe polish to give the magnets their vintage look!

For a complete tutorial of how to make these magnets, hop over to everyday lovely!  

While you are there, you can also make this magnetic chalkboard to use with your magnets!

Or, you could also make this Mossy Monogram mounted on some old book pages for your wall!

Cailan has a lot of other fabulous ideas!!  She transformed this glass caddy with a little bit of spraypaint!

So if you get a chance, stop over to everyday lovely!

This week I am cooking for 85 raucous (but lovely!) teens.....
so it just might be a light blogging week!

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