July 29, 2011

How do you organize....beads?

I have decided that before we start doing school again in August, I am going to organize my life....

I am tired of "things" laying around....out of place.....in my way....I am frustrated with trying to get a baking pan and having numerous plastic bowls fall on top of me.....I am tired of crumbs and goo under my waste basket!

So I am starting small.....but I am starting to organize!

My daughter loves to play with beads......I love her to play with beads......the problem though is that the bead kits that she has are bulky plastic with no lids...translation....beads spill everywhere!!

Instead of buying an expensive organizer, I went to Kmart and bought this...

....a tackle box....found in the fishing department!  Cost:  a mere $6.00!!

The box is wonderful!!  You decide where you want to put the dividers and how you want to arrange it!

The best part.....the beads are in ONE place and are easily accessible and transportable!

Hint:   I also did this for my son's Lego men and weapons!

Now if there was only a way to organize this.....

What have you been organizing lately?


Emily said...

I have been trying to organize my scrapbooking supplies. I have too much of it that it drives me crazy.

Becky@Organizing Made Fun said...

Great job!!! Very clever and definitely cheap!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

Maria Matter said...

great bead box!

I've been trying to organize my bookshelves!
I cleaned 4 boxes of books out & still can't fit all my books on the shelves without doubling up! lol
We'll be starting our schooling in Aug too, so I'll be organizing in baby steps, a little at a time! So, keep the ideas coming Nicole!
Have a blessed wknd!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

LOL . . . you mean I'm supposed to ORGANIZE these things??!! Seriously -- I know what you mean though! My son gets married in a week: ALL of his stuff is in our house until Thursday. Our twin daughters are home from college for the summer: ALL of their junk is in our house. I feel like I'm suffocating -- haha! Love the tackle box -- great idea for organizing those pesky small things!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I use these too! Super efficient and super cheap! Yay!

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