December 9, 2011

Taking Creative Christmas Pictures. . . .

It was last year at this time that we bought our Nikon D3100 camera....I only shot on automatic....for everything!

Slowly, I began how to learn to shoot in Manual mode....I read a lot of blogs and books and I still have SOOOO much to learn!

At the most recent Thrifty Thursday, Mindy from a {day with} lil mama stuart linked this idea.....custom shaped bokeh....I almost missed this fun post.....I wasn't quite sure what "bokeh" was....

According to Wikipedia, bokeh is:  /ˈbkə/ boh-kə,[2] Japanese: [boke]) is the blur,[3][4] or the aesthetic quality of the blur,[5][6][7] in out-of-focus areas of an image

If you look carefully at Mindy's photo.....bokeh is the heart-shaped light in the background...

Isn't that so cool!!!  She created that effect!

I totally want to try that with our Christmas tree!

For a complete tutorial for how to create this (and it's SUPER easy!!),

If you'd like to learn how to do different shapes, I found another tutorial here at 
kevin {&} amanda....look at all of their cool shapes!!

I can't wait to have some fun with the Christmas lights and my camera!

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