January 13, 2011

Coffee Filter Wreath

Does your door have the January blah's??  Maybe this wreath can help......

This is another one of my friend, Jenny's, crafts......

Coffee Filters:  bought from Weis.....not even tea-stained.  Weis has that color available.
Styrofoam ring
ALOT of hot glue
10 very burned fingertips

Fold your coffee filter in half and glue.  Jenny started gluing at 12:00 and worked her way around the wreath clockwise.

She would fill-in a section from the bottom of the wreath until the top and then move to her right and work from bottom to top again.  She said that it took about 900 filters....and that hers is possibly a little "too fluffy." 

In person....it's absolutely gorgeous!  Her husband, Jason's, nickname for it......the "A-wreath-a" Franklin wreath....you're so funny, Jason!

You can glue these filters on pretty much anything....styrofoam balls to make "puff" balls that you could hang from your window.....styrofoam tree forms to make "puffy" winter trees....lampshades....your child's head....be creative!!
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