January 6, 2011

Winter White Wreath

Over Christmas, I had the opportunity to "tour" my friend Jenny's house.....she 
had done some amazing crafts.....her beaded initials are one of the 
amazing projects that I can't wait to do next Christmas.

When I saw this wreath, I couldn't wait to make it for my front door after Christmas.


wreath form
White yarn
Sprig of something wintery
Scrap of ribbon
hot glue

I wasn't able to find a foam wreath big enough for my front door, so I bought a 
straw wreath....there are some drawbacks to using the straw......it's bumpy! 

I think that my straw wreath was 18 inches and really, it could have been 
bigger....Jenny's was on a mirror so it looks bigger than it really is....

Hot glue your starting piece of yarn and begin wrapping the yarn....and 
wrapping....and wrapping....and wrapping.....

You can see the bumps in this picture.....a foam wreath would look a lot 
smoother.....I also ended up doing 2 layers of the yarn so that it was completely covered....

Hot glue whatever embellishment you like to your wreath......I added a burlap 
and fabric twisted flower like these on my homemade bulletin board.

I love the simple look of it.....now I just need to add a cool burlap 
or ivory ribbon to hang it from....


Anonymous said...

Your wreath looks so great. With all this sickness I am ready to be done so I can start doing some crafts. You inspire me:) jenny m.

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