January 12, 2011

Using old windows as storage solutions

Today is my last day of window ideas....I promise!  This was my very first old window.....it all started here because of a friend named Melissa!  Her hubby made her a window box....literally..... and I fell in love and wanted one, too!

You can see the window frame and then our husbands just built a box to go around the window frame.  We "glazed" these before it was popular to glaze!  We painted them white and wiped on stain to make it look aged....this was at least 10 years ago! 

My hubby is always complaining that he has no where to put all of his stuff......really he does, but who has space for the 3,000 books that he owns!!! 

This old window became the door of another wood box that we built to make a bookshelf to hold some of his 3,000 books.  I have yet to paint it because I keep changing my mind about what room to put it in.....It does provide a nice space for my yarn balls and Goodwill lamp.

...there was really no way to make this picture look pretty.....my pots are the $20.00 set from Walmart....

...I'm thinking that some beady stuff would look nice wrapped around my window pot rack...the hooks and chain are from our local True Value hardware store...total cost probably about $2.00....the actual rods that the pots are hanging on are from IKEA....we bought an ugly rack from them and took the rods to attach to my window...

This was another one of my very first window projects....it could use some help!  I took cardboard....glued on cotton filling and hot glued fabric and ribbon around it...I also hot glued some scrapbook paper to the center panes.....

When I finally make-up my mind (and save enought money) to redo my daughter's room, I think that I will try to do something like this.....

I hope that you were inspired!

If you are looking for more window ideas you can check out my other posts on Windows as Wall Decor or turning windows into chalkboards!

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angie said...

i love the window bookcase!!!

mE aNd mY tℎrIfTy IdEas said...

you rock! awesome ideas :)

Alison Agnew said...

Very cute ideas...I love the pot rack and would love to put something like that up, but sadly there is not a spot for it.

Thanks for linking up to Fridays Unfolded (I changed the name) last week and I hope you join again.



Sarah said...

I really like the window bookshelf. Between the fact that my mother raised avid readers (my sister more than me), we homeschooled, and all of us took at least a couple years of college from Moody Bible Institute, I can totally sympathize with having thousands of books to try to find spaces for.

Shania Fargo said...

Those look wonderful and the bookshelf looks especially nice. Really, like the new window, there's a place at home for old things. A splash of creativity will always give color to any home, with the new items keeping the home standing and the old stuff used as decorations.

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