April 4, 2011

A Little Laugh...

{Memories from middle school...}

For any of us who remember middle school dances....my hubby has posted one of his disasterous experiences from a seventh grade dance....

Maybe you have a middle school boy right now...(we're almost there!)....and his behavior is sometimes puzzling to you....this post is one to read to them!

If you need a little "laughing-out-loud" pop over to No Argument for God....I promise, you will laugh!

Here's a little teaser.....

It was 7th grade.  Dance night.  I had a special feeling about this night.  I was determined to ask someone to dance with me.  Didn't matter who it was, I just wanted to come home saying that I danced with someone.

So to give me that special edge, I decided to grab my brother Chuck's yellow cross-country jacket.  It was very cool - complete with a large "E" on the left side of it for the varsity letter he had in cross-country.  It was the addition to my wardrobe that would put me over the edge and make me irresistible to 7th grade women everywhere.  I didn't bother asking if I could borrow it because I knew his answer would be "no."  I just thought I would spare us both that little awkwardness.
So I went to the dance with my new-found confidence assured that everyone was checking me out in my brother's gleaming yellow cross-country jacket.

They were . . . but in the wrong way.  Imagine a few dozen 7th grade boys coming up to you with a sneering, "I didn't know your name was Chuck."  Note to self: when you wear someone else's jacket, and it has someone else's name on it, be prepared for snide comments if you are in middle school.
To hear the rest of his story.....go HERE......and always remember...just BE YOURSELF!

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