April 6, 2011

Thrifty Thursday #4

{Thrifty Thursdays #4}

Well, here in Pennsylvania we are still waiting for Spring to arrive.....not sure where it is, but with temperatures in the low-50's, it sure isn't here!

But, last week on Thrifty Thursdays, many of you linked up wonderful spring projects!

One was this Spring Scarf from K.I.S.S. {Keep it Simple, Sister} .......

Tatum assures us that even a very beginner could do this project! (Yes, that would be me!)

How about this Anthropologie knock-off from c.w.frosting? So cute!!

 Everyday Lovely made these beautiful hand-made baby shower invitations.....

Wouldn't they make a beautiful keepsake for a baby book??

Finally, Angie at Thrifty Like Me isn't sure she likes how her baby nursery turned out......Angie....trust us.....it's beautiful!!

If you were featured this week, help yourself to a button!

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas that were linked up last Thursday. 

It's time again to share your creative....(and thrifty) ideas!

Thrifty Thursdays

Here are some very simple suggestions for the link-up:

1.  Please become a follower of Thrifty Decorating
2.  Be sure to link to your POST and not your blog.
3.  Please copy and paste my link button somewhere in your post
or blog so that others can link back.
4.  Share some comment love....We all love to get them!!


After you've linked up here at my Thrifty Thursdays, go over to link up with Thrifty Thursday at Saved by Love Creations!  She's my new friend in the blog world!

And if you while you here, go over and leave me a comment to enter to win the $20 Giveaway from SWEETfunkyLOVE !


Sweet European Dreams said...

I just found you via Saved by Love Creations. So happy to see that you are hosting a fun linky - I'm linkin' up! I just tried to add your button to my page, but for now, it's not working. It's probably me...I'm not much of a techie! I'll keep trying! -diane

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Hi, just stopping over from Saved by Love Creations. I joined your site & your hop! (hope my link is ok - it's jewelry, not decorating...)

Stop by when you get a chance!
henry happened

Tatum said...

Wow! Thanks so much for featuring my scarf project- so exciting! If you make one, please share the pics!

Thanks again!


Johnnie said...

Hey Nikki. I got your email. My internet froze like the tundra earlier and I just posted while I could. Thanks for linking to me. I did the same.
Also, thanks for the encouragement! I truly appreciate it. Blessings...


Unknown said...

I just found your blog...so very cute!

Thanks for hosting!


c.w.frosting said...

Thanks so much for the feature! Looking forward to looking around again this week!

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

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