April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding.....

{Will you be watching???}

I remember waking up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the wedding of Charles and Diana. 

It was very dark and I was up all by myself!  I felt like pretty big stuff for being 9 years old and up at 3 AM!

I have wonderful memories of pretending princess as a little girl.  In fact, I had the most amazing dress-up dress that looked just like Princess Diana's flower girl dresses (or at least I thought it did!).....it was white and chiffony and I wore it constantly....pretending that I was Princess Diana.

Somewhere in all of our hearts, we dream of being princesses.  Currently, one of my daughter's favorite books is Gigi...God's Little Princess. 

It is an adorable book about a little girl, Gigi,  who thinks that she is the only princess and then discovers that we are all (including her best friend!)  princesses of the royal King!

So, I know that my daughter would LOVE to watch the wedding of William and Kate.  Everytime she sees a picture of Kate she says, "Mommy, is that the girl who is going to be the princess?"

Even this morning, while watching the news....which we normally do not do, but the multiple tornado warning prompted me to turn on the television.....a picture flashed of the Royal couple.....My boys didn't know who it was so my daughter indignitately replied to them....."Why it's William and Kate!"

My only problem about this....do I really want to get up at 4am????

Will you be watching and what are your memories of the first royal wedding?

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Musings from Kim K. said...

I was completely in love with Diana. I'm looking forward to watching royal wedding coverage with my two girls and reliving the magic. Great minds think alike. I posted something very similar on my blog tonight too. Have a jolly good weekend!

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