January 14, 2012

Guest Post. . . . .Chalkboard Door

I want to thank Nicole for inviting me here to offer up a guest post.  I thought that I'd share with you today the project that kick-started my blogging career.

The on-the-cheap, make your own chalkboard door!

My home is filled with those cheap, hollow, faux wood manufactured doors, including the basement access door in our kitchen which previously looked this!

What I really coveted in the kitchen was this¦

Sources:  Country Living & Domino

These doors can range anywhere from $400 to upwards of a few thousand.  Way beyond my budget.  Not to mention the additional costs for hardware and installation ...

So I put on my thinking cap and came up with an idea to turn our ugly builder grade door into something both beautiful and practical for a mere $30.00.

I started by gathering my supplies:

I had most of these on-hand.  I only needed to purchase the chalkboard paint (from JoAnne's for $5.00); the black foam core (from Office Depot for $10.00 for two 30' x 40' boards); and the 1 3/8' x 3/8' trim (from the Home Depot for $.79/foot). 

The foam core worked perfectly as the blackboard base because it's substantial, yet lightweight, yet not too thick that when framed out with trim would make the panels look built-in ...

Step 1:  Use the X-Acto knife to cut your foam core to size ...

Step 2:  Apply two coats of the chalkboard paint to the foam core panels.  (Since they're porous, the foam core started to curve upwards at the edges. I solved that problem by turning them over and applying a coat of paint to the back sides ... once dry, they sat perfectly flat).

Step 3:  Use the miter box to cut the trim pieces. I used simple joint corners versus the more fancy mitered ...

Step 4: Give the trim two coats of paint that matches your door. (I used Benjamin Moore white semi-gloss).

Step 5:  Apply the Power Grab to the back of the foam core and attach to the door.  Use your level to make sure they are, well, level.  Hold in place for 3-to-5 minutes to make sure contact is made.  If you use painter's tape to hold the foam core chalkboard in place it may damage your chalkboard like this:

Step 5:  Apply the Power Grab to your trim pieces and affix to the door.  Use painter's tape to hold in place while it dries.  Just be sure not to attach the painters tape to the foam core board.

Step 6:  Caulk along the outside edge and corners and touch up with the semi-gloss ...

In the end you'll turn a previously boring door into something both beautiful and functional!

I loved it so much that I re-created it on the powder room door!


As soon as I saw this project, I pinned it.....I just LOVE it!  

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ANNE said...

Awesome!!!!!! ps where did you get that wineglass rack???? I love it!

thistlewoodfarm said...

There is such fabulousness going on here at so many levels:

(1) Black foam core! Genius!
(2) Six panels to two! Brilliant!
(3) Guest posting at this fabulous blog that I am now following! Stupendous!
(4) Taking the Impossibility challenge? Priceless.

You are a rock star!

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

What a great guest post, thanks for sharing such a great project! And, hopefully you're joining our challenge, we really appreciate you sharing our button!
Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

Brooke @ Spruce Your Nest said...

LOVE IT - just like all your projects :-)

Good Time Charlie said...

I have a newer home and have these cheap hollow doors all over my home! I even have some with lovely cracks in them from children being a little upset with the door.....This is such a great project. Thanks for sharing! Pinning it too!

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