March 27, 2012

$50 Campus Textbooks Giveaway

Did you know that you can rent college textbooks???

As a science major, I paid SO much money for my textbooks!  Almost 20 years ago,
I would easily pay over $100 for just ONE book!

Campus Book Rentals rents college textbooks and can save you 40-
90% off bookstore prices...AND they offer free shipping BOTH ways!

Instead of paying $120 for this chemistry textbook... can rent it from Campus Book Rentals for $27.70 per semester!

Here are some more perks of renting textbooks with Campus Book Rentals:
-flexible renting periods
-you can HIGHLIGHT in the textbooks
-with every textbook rented they donate to Operation Smile

The best part??  Campus Book Rentals has given me a 
$50 credit to give away to you!!!

And if you don't need it now and would prefer to use it in the can!

Just leave me a comment telling me what you would use the credit for!!  I'll choose a winner on Friday, March 30th!

I still have SO many of my college texts molding in my basement.  I can't bear
to part with them because I spent so much money on them.  I told my husband
though that this spring, I am willing to have a little celebratory bonfire and burn them!

Save yourself the them!

{Campus Textbooks provided the $50 giveaway for this review, but I did not receive any financial compensation.}


Sharon O said...

Hey Nikki, Thanks for the info! Peter will be spending $$$ on his textbooks. We rented one last year and saved lots. Nursing texts are well over $100 each. Every little bit counts!

Loretta N said...

Hello Nikki
My daughter Jaylene has rented books and bought used books , but even then she spends so much money on books. She would love to have $50. to help with that expense. And the free shipping makes it an even greater deal.
Thanks, Loretta

bhartman said...

Hi Nikki, I can completely relate to spending big bucks on text books and then having them collect dust. I'm currently a PhD chemistry graduate student and it's always a struggle trying to budget text book expenses into my semester's budget. I don't want to buy pricey books and then not get a sufficient use out them. This $50 would go a long way for my remaining time in grad school, helping by providing books for courses and if I later decide they were crucial to my degree I could buy them. Thanks, Blaine

Unknown said...

What a great idea. I'm going to be taking some exploratory classes and think this works perfectly with that. Thanks for the opportunity.

Davita said...

Hi. I am in my fourth year of college. I switched my major last year, however to Biology Education.Going an extra couple of years is going to be expensive but I think I will make a great teacher and I will realyl enjoy it.Rental book websites are great for college students. College textbooks are so expensive. I absolutely love renting books. If I had known a good website the last few years I would not have had to pay $250 for an Anatomy Book that I only got $50 back for. Talk about frustrating!

Kellercat said...

Textbooks are too expensive for the short time that you actually use them. I would much rather spend $$$ on craft books that I actually keep forever and refer to all the time. Would love to receive the $50 to use on textbook rental!

Kim said...

I would love to surprise my daughter with some book money. She has decided to go back to school to finish her BS. She is paying for school with a student loan so extra textbook money would be great.

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