March 31, 2012

Raising a caterpillar

My one son has a huge soft spot for animals....of all types...including bugs!

I am the "squisher" and he is the "rescuer".....even of stink bugs and spiders...gross!

This winter he found a brown woolly caterpillar on the underside of our grill cover.  He worried about that little guy.  We had been having a relatively mild
winter, but a cold snap was he twisted my arm and
convinced me to allow him to "save" it!

He emptied out his precious bin of air-soft pellets and made the caterpillar a
plush condo of dirt and grass.  The challenge was finding anything green to feed him in the middle of winter!

One night he came in had made a cocoon.  I honestly thought that 
the thing was dead...traumatized by the environment change!

But a few weeks later.....we had a moth!

It took some convincing, but I finally persuaded my boy to release him.  

I do have to put my foot down about having a moth flying around as a pet!


Rachel E. said...

What an exciting experiment for him. Good that he didn't insist on keeping the thing.

Bliss said...

Years ago over a Winter I too nurtured a caterpillar to butterfly. Husband said it would never hatch. It did - out of that shriveled empty looking cocoon. The kids loved it.... and so did I.


Lil Mama Stuart said...

lol gross!!

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