March 5, 2012

Spring Trend {Bright Lips}

I walked into my closet today and realized that all that I have been wearing
for the past few months is black.....well, black, gray and sometimes brown.
C-razy....I know...I'm a very boring winter dress-er.

  So, as spring approaches, I start dreaming about color.  
I recently even bought a t-shirt at JCPenney to refashion that was.....ORANGE!

I also start dreaming about new colors for my makeup.
A while ago I saw Kristie from blushing basics featured on tatortots and jello.

Since then I have really enjoyed following all of her hair and makeup tutorials.

In fact, I had my daughter's hair in a Lauren Conrad inspired braid 
today after watching Kristie's tutorial!

I was thrilled when Kristie offered to give us some advice from
blushing basics for fresh spring lips.....


this spring, many makeup companies are introducing lots of bright colors to incorporate into our makeup routine. one of the easiest ways to incorporate a bright color is through lipstick because bright eyeshadow can be a bit intimidating.

here's an easy step-by-step makeup tutorial explaining how to best apply that bright shade to your lips.

for this tutorial i am using my Vincent Longo cosmetics

start with your essential tools for lipcolor: a lipstain, a lipliner and a lipgloss.
  1. begin with your (exfoliated!) bare lips.
  2. apply lipstain. this ensures that your lips won't look wonky once your lipgloss or lipliner wear off. the stain will keep lips looking bright.
  3. follow with a lipliner. apply lipliner along outer edge of your lips (for fuller lips) and lightly smudge with your finger tip so that there are no harsh lines.
  4. finish with your bright lipgloss. break out your smile and enjoy!

here's a video tutorial if you're interested in achieving a more pouty lip.



Thanks for sharing, Kristie!

Here are some of my other favorite tutorials....

Will you have bright lips this spring?


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

This is great information -- I am determined to incorporate Tangerine Tango (color of the year) into my wardrobe, jewelry and make up. I bought a pair of tangerine flip flops already -- how bold of me! I'll have to check out the tutorials -- can't wait for summer!

Good Time Charlie said...

Did you post this as a hint to me??? I am so glad you did. I am following Kristie now and checking out those video tutorials. I NEVER change my makeup, just my lipstick. Three years ago I broke down and actually bought all new makeup, and now I do the exact same thing, day in, day out, just change the lipstick. I need some boosters!

Unknown said...

hi Nikki,

thanks so much for the chance to guest post. hope we can work together again in the future!


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