March 20, 2012


I am completely embarrassed to say that despite the fact that I've 
been a science teacher and homeschooled my kids...

....I've NEVER made Oobleck until recently!

Wow...what have I been missing!

This is a super easy experiment and you probably already 
have all the ingredients on hand right now!


You want to mix the cornstarch and water until you get a mixture that is not a 
paste and not watery.  It will be about 3/4 cup of cornstarch to 1/2 cup of 
water.  You do not need to be exact.

What is so amazing is that this is a Non-Newtonian fluid.....when compressed
it turns into a solid.  When the pressure is released, it turns right back into a liquid!

Translation....beaucoup fun!!

I must warn you will get messy!



Chelsea said...

I love making that! I always forget the name of it, oobleck, thanks for reminding me!

Bliss said...

Long before the internet there were craft books. I horded those and make all sorts of gooey things for my kids. But my absolute favorite was the cornstarch mess. I could play in that myself with them and enjoy it. No talent required to squeeze and release!


Good Time Charlie said...

How fun! I have never even heard of this! I can think of two little people in my house on break right now that would love this. -K

Unknown said...

Looks like a good time had by all!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek said...

I played in the dirt this afternoon but your oobleck looks just as fun. Following you via Linky Followers. Hope you'll follow back.
Lynn at Cottage and Creek

Dr. Harland said...

Me too. I've taught science for 16 years, and only recently made this wonderful addicting stuff. If you really want to add a fun twist, you can make it glow in the dark! Very cool! I posted about it here:

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