April 30, 2012

DIY Stenciled Pillows

I recently had the opportunity to review the Julia stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils.

I just LOVE it!!

I had a hard time deciding which stencil to review.   Cutting Edge 
Stencils  has so many amazing designs to choose from!

The stencil came packaged with a free stencil and wonderful instructions.  It 
was a lot bigger than I expected.  If I were doing a wall, the coverage
of one pass of the stencil would great.

I've had the stencil for weeks (months!) and couldn't decide what I wanted 
to do with it....there are just SO many great ideas.

I decided to start small and make a pillow.  I've been recovering my living room 
furniture with drop cloth and needed new pillows.

I started with a piece of drop cloth...

Because the stencil was so large, I taped pieces of newspaper under the parts 
that I didn't want to paint.  You can just use blue painters tape on the stencil.

I watched the online videos to make sure that I understood how to correctly
use the stencil.  Even though my project was smaller scale, I still wanted to do it right!

One suggestion was too roll off the paint on a paper towel or piece of newspaper. 
 Because this was my "test" project, I just used regular acrylic paint. I did not add a fabric additive to it.  I plan to do this again because I want to paint a pair of curtains.  I will add a fabric additive that time.

To make the pillow, I used my favorite stuffing method....old bed pillows!

Isn't drop cloth fabulous!  It has given my living room an awesome
new look for very little money!

I love my Cutting Edge Stencil.....it is very versatile and can be used
for so many different projects!  Painting a wall, stenciling a piece of furniture, 
stenciling curtains or even.....a pillow!

What have you stenciled recently?


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

That looks great! I so stink at stencilling, but I keep trying!

Katie said...

Love your pillow! I've been wanting to try out cutting edge stencils for a while! I can't wait to give them a try!

Katie said...
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