April 6, 2012

Fridays with Jimmie....creating a sense of accomplishment

This is our last Friday with Jimmie, from Jimmie's Collage.  If you have enjoyed her posts then I would encourage you to check out her blog.  She has a tremendous amount of resources on lapbooking, notebooking and homeschooling in general!

Today, Jimmie is going to share how lapbooking not only contributes to your child's sense of accomplishment, but also, helps them to retain and review the information that they have been learning!

At the bottom of the post, I have some links to some of my favorite lapbooks!


Lapbooking Benefit #3: Sense of Accomplishment


Lapbooks offer the best of both worlds when it comes to a sense of
accomplishment. Although it may take several weeks to complete an entire lapbook, a
minibook is usually completed in a single day (or maybe two). Young children love to see
a finished product at the end of the homeschool day. To be honest, mom and dad do, too!

A minibook is a standalone product in its own right and a source of pride for a
young learner. Along with the short term accomplishment of each finished minibook, there
is a huge boost at the end of a unit of study when a child can assemble all the collected
minibooks into a lapbook folder which documents the learning that took place over several
weeks. A lapbook is a concrete demonstration of the power of consistent, daily effort.
Your child sees that making minibooks each day results in a very impressive lapbook in
the end.

Lapbooking Benefit #4: Review and Retention

A last benefit of lapbooking is the review and retention lapbooks offer. Over
the years, we have pulled out past lapbooks to look up facts. Generally when the lapbooks
come down, it takes another hour of poring over them before my daughter is ready to put
them away. She loves looking at her old work and laughing at her childish writing. I am
secretly happy to let her reminisce over her lapbooks because I know she is reviewing
facts from history, science, or literature.

When I stumbled upon lapbooking several years ago, I had no idea that it had all
these benefits. To be quite honest, I used it simply because I knew the crafty aspect
would resonate with my creative daughter. But as we used lapbooks more extensively, I
began to see the educational benefits were far more than mere creative expression.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the benefits
of lapbooking. Have you found some benefits I didn’t list? Or do you have questions about
lapbooking? Feel free to ask them here.


Here are some of my favorite lapbooks :

{Lewis & Clark}

{Light and Color}

{World War 2}


{Civil War}

I could keep going....Jimmie's Collage is just a tremendous resource for a homeschooling family!

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Jimmie! 

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