April 9, 2012

My One Hour Project....Ha!

This project was supposed to take one hour...I was going to quickly paint the legs and
sand off the top and stain it...an hour, that's all I thought that it would take!

UGH!!  Did I miscalculate!!

I originally hauled this baby out of the garbage....it was lovely in all it's 70's wood glory!
So, I painted over it in black....

Then, I got tired of black and painted over it in cream with a coat of stain overtop.

Yep...you can see ALL the colors that it's been!  It was in BAD shape!

I started by sanding it....and sanding it....and sanding it.....
I wasn't getting through the layers of paint, so I decided to chemically strip it...BAD IDEA!!

I will NEVER again chemically strip a piece of furniture....it turned into a gooey nightmare!!

I called my Mom in a panic because she has stripped furniture before...what had 
I gotten myself into???

HOURS later, I had it "clean" enough to sand...isn't that where I had started???

I had a little bit of dark walnut sitting on the shelf, so I started staining.  

I just use an old t-shirt to apply the stain.

I'll show you later this week how it turned out....but let's just
say that it's take a little more than an hour!!


ANNE said...

Oh, those 1 hour projects are KILLERS!!! I've had so many of them lately, too - lol!

Can't wait to see the after shots.


Something Nice and Pretty said...

I can't wait to see it all done, it's going to be beautiful!

toko busana muslim said...

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Stacy CUrran said...

I can't imagine stripping furniture, you poor thing! Can' wait to see the result though!

Katie's Cucina said...

ugh... i hate when you think a project will take an hour and it ends up taking you quadruple the amount of time. Can't wait to see the finished project!

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