April 29, 2012

Tea Party Hats {and party pics!}

Confession.....when it comes to crafting, I'm not always very patient!
I'd much rather paint a wall or use a meiter saw.  When it comes to
crafting 9 little tea hats....ugh!

So lest you be fooled by the above photo....here's my version of a high tea hat!

My sweet daughter calls it her "zookeeper" hat!  My mom came over to help, took one look at my version and said..."How about if I take some of this to my house and work on it??"

The wrapping paper idea....a BIG fail!  It just kept crumpling....that, and I needed to buy about 7 more rolls to make 9 hats!

Instead, my mom used white table paper....traced a circle and cut it out. She then used white duct tape to make the hat shape and wrapped it with some pink ribbon.

A MUCH better result.....I am indebted to my mom!

Each little girl got to take home a tea hat and a tissue paper flower...and no,
I can't take credit for those cute cupcakes either....I hired a teenage girl to make them....best decision EVER!

 Thanks to your many suggestions over on my FB page, we had awesome food!

I wrapped deli turkey around string cheese, made PB & J sandwiches in flower shapes, 
finger jello and pretzel sticks in cheese.

My mom made the adorable carrot curls, chocolate-covered strawberries and
chocolate-covered oranges.

Each little girl had the opportunity to "dress-up" in gloves and jewelry..

...and we also had a special time "doing our nails!"

The day was a HUGE success....this group of girls is so sweet...and so quiet
compared to a group of 9 boys!!  I couldn't believe the difference!

Although it was a lot of fun....I think that next time we'll just have a 
picnic and run through the sprinkler party.....and skip the hats!


Taryn @ Design, Dining + Diapers said...

So cute! I love the hats your mom mad, mom's always come the rescue. I call my mom a lot with sewing and gardening questions!

cgammeter said...

Hi Nicole: I'm Connie at http://hotflashncraftn.blogspot.com/, your new GF friend. I would just love it if you could stop by and be mine, too.
I like your hats. Very creative. Thank you for sharing.

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