April 24, 2012

Mariposa Pix {and a deal for you!}

The last time we had a whole family photo my second son was sitting on my lap as a baby....
yes, baby girl was not even included....it had been that long!

And there is a good reason.....professional family photos are not fun!

We have tried at retail places like The Picture People.
Usually someone's hair is sticking up...a collar is awkwardly turned....or one of our
children is throwing an incredibly embarrassing tantrum about smiling...

Yes...we have some of those pictures...one child smiling, one child red-in-the-face screaming!

And the prices never seem to reflect the quality of the pictures.

So when my friend, Jen, started her business Mariposa Pix, it was the farthest
thing from my mind to have her do a family portrait!  I was NOT exposing
myself to that type of torture!

But as I watched some of the galleries that she posted, I was intrigued.
I'd love to have some gorgeous shots of our family and kids to put on our walls.

So I caved and contacted her....

Let's just say that the day of our photo shoot, mama was not quite in a good mood!

For starters.....advice to self...never leave head-band curls in overnight unless you
have an engagement as MEDUSA the following morning!

I put my hair and my daughter's hair in headband curls the night before....
Truly....when they say leave them in for an hour, they mean it!

I never knew my hair could go quite so high!
So after a frantic spray down with some water, we started over!

My boys had to be wrestled into button down shirts....and to top it off,
we were all fighting as we got in the car to go to our location!

So as we drove there, I hissed..."If you all smile, I will buy you slushies!
But you MUST smile and not argue with a thing she says to do!"

{They all got slushies!!}

Jen is just amazing!  Can I stress amazing!
Literally, when my kids were headed home slurping on their slushies they
had the nerve to say..."Gee, Mom, that was actually really fun!"

And this is is why Jen's shoots are so much fun.....she takes you to a
location that you are familiar with and a place where you feel comfortable.

She also works with you as a family and takes into account personality and style
of your family,

This shot was my husband's suggestion.....

Here, my kids wanted to climb on an old tree....

Mariposa Pix is also a recognized for  her newborn photography.

Jen's work has recently been featured in literature published by Lancaster 
General Women and Babies Hospital.

Jen uses fun props to make your photos unique and memorable!

Aren't they just precious?!

So here is the deal for YOU!

If you book your first session Mariposa Pix by May 30th, Jen is 
offering $25 off your photo session!

You can choose your session in May, June or July, just book it by May 30th 
and mention Thrifty Decorating to get your $25 off!

You can see more of Jen's work at Mariposa Pix or head over to her 
FB page and "like" Mariposa Pix!

I am so excited about our pictures...now I need to think of a cool way display them!


Unknown said...

Love your family pictures. LOVE! your kids are darling too.

She does great work, love all the baby shots as well.

Have a great day.

xo, jen

Unknown said...

What wonderful photos. You're a lovely family.
I should schedule a professional photo session for my family before our 20 yr old leaves the nest.

Jen said...

Love the write up Nikki. Your family was so fun to capture!

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