April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!


Well, I've been in a total funk lately.....it think it has to do with the fact that it's been COLD and RAINY EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  Hmmm....no bitterness there about the weather!

For this homeschoolin' mom, I struggle through the month of February with the hope that March and April are coming....the hours of cold and contained days with my children will give way to spring warmth, park days with other Moms......days where I can send my children outside to get out all their energy.

Well, I've been waiting.....and waiting....and waiting only to be completely overwhelmed with the reality that spring is just.......not....... here.......yet.

I've felt hopeless, depressed and lonely......impatient, annoyed and slightly overwhelmed.  I thought that I was alone in this until I spoke with a homeschooling friend last night and she expressed the exact same feelings!

It's hard to be in a place of waiting for the unknown.....will it come??

Yesterday was Good Friday.....I wonder how Jesus' friends and followers felt on Saturday.  You see, we know the end of the story.....they didn't.

I imagine that in their grief it was hard to even wake up and face that day.....they had absolutely no hope.  All that they had put their trust and faith in had.....died....the day before.

I can imagine that it was a day that they got on each other's nerves....Peter feeling the guilt of his denial....others feeling the rage over Judas' betrayal......Matthew possibly worrying about money!  I imagine they cried.....quarrelled....and felt an overwhelming sense of loss.

I'm so grateful that as we celebrate Easter weekend that we know how it ends....with hope!

There are many times I find myself in the place of "unknown" and allow myself to be competely overwhelmed......but I don't need to stay there.....Jesus death and resurrection conquered ALL that I will face......the hope of a future with Him in Heaven is better than any struggle or pain that I face here on this earth.

So for me...I have hope that sunshine will come.....that my kids will stop bickering with each other....that my heart with fill again with joy and that I'll stop being such a grouch. 

And you know what....if spring doesn't come, I still have a HOPE that overcomes my present situation!

Happy Easter!!  The Glory of God has defeated the night!


Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

I keep wondering the same thing around here. We just get a day here or there of nice weather and then it gets cold again. Hope you have a nice Easter. May has to get better.

April said...

Like your thoughts :-) One of my favorite Caedmon's Calls songs has a line that goes, "It;s like that long Saturday between your death and the rising day when no one wrote a word wondering Is this the end? But you were down there in the well, saving those that fell, bringing them to the mountain again." I think it's called "Valleys Fill First"-goes along with what you're saying!

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