April 7, 2011

I've been featured at Craftomaniac!

{A feature at Craftomaniac!!}

I wanted to post this earlier today, but we've been at the hospital with more follow-up to our Scary Moment at the ED this winter.....the good news though it that all the additional testing continues to reveal no serious underlying health problems for my son...YEAH!!

I know that many of you had asked me for the follow-up to that visit and at the time, I wasn't able to share many details because we were "negotiating" with the hospital because his visit to the ED was actually caused by the mistake of a doctor.....the doctor wrote the wrong prescription strength for my son. 

So, instead of treating his croup.....the medicine was too weak in strength to do anything....which left him seriously struggling for breath. 

What was amazing though was how God worked even in the midst of a scary and frustrating situation.  The hospital was wonderful and actually agreed to cover a lot of the costs incurred by the visit and our son is doing AWESOME!!

But anyway....


Jen is featuring my "Old" Crate from Paintsticks idea.  I absolutely adore Jen's site!  She in my inspiration for seasonal decorating and crafts!  If you get a chance, go over and check out her amazing ideas!!

Thanks so much, Jen!!
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