November 30, 2012

Muslin-Wrapped Garland

I recently saw this muslin garland idea at Down to Earth Style and was
impressed by the ease and price to make it.

I tore my muslin into strips that were about  12 inches long, folded them,
and tied them into knots.

Total cost: $8.00

2 yards of muslin from Walmart..................$4.00
Twinkle lights from The Dollar General.........$4.00

For the complete look, I used Dollar Tree wreaths that I took apart and wired
together as a garland.  I also had a different type of pine garland that I bought at our local Goodwill.

I stuffed in some pine cones that I bought at Michael's and red berries from
The Dollar Tree....the whole mantle was put together for about $15.

Here's last year's mantle....

Yikes!......I'm not quite feeling the love.  That's even the same starter pine garland!  
What a difference layering makes!

This year I feel way more natural....using greens, pinecones, muslin, and burlap through my house.

Which one do you like??

The Lettered Cottage


Anne said...

sooooooooo pretty!!

Our Pinteresting Family said...

So beautiful!

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

This is truly just beautiful. Love the last pic too with the garland you made .. OMGURSH !!! PERFECT .. I might want to share your idea one day on my blog .. Tell people to come check this out.. Just beautiful ................

Holly said...

Nicole! I just saw your beautiful mantel on the HG Designer Trends website. I had to click on your name to see the whole room and what do you know? You made the muslin garland. Thank you so much for referring back to me. Sweet! Your garland looks great! Congratulations on your feature, too! My favorite mantel is yours.

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