February 27, 2011

Closet makeover

{20 Minute Closet Redo}

Organization is truly my nemesis.....yesterday I cleaned all the floors, hung up all the coats, put away all the mittens and mopped.......then my kids decided to play outside!

I was left with piles of coats, boots and mittens......all in about 15 minutes!

So when it comes to organizing closets....drawers......cupboards.....many times I get the attitude of "Why Bother?"......it's going to get undone faster than it took me to DO IT!

So when I decided to tackle the bathroom closet, I gave myself 20 minutes!  This was a project that I needed to do for ME because if my hubby can't find the children's Tylenol at night......You-Know-Who has to come in for the rescue!

So this is what I was starting with and I'm warnin' ya......it ain't pretty!

and more.... (of which I apologize for the spotlight on the "feminine hygiene products"....I really need to learn a thing or two about STAGING!)

(and yes....that gallon of paint contains the original green on the walls of my $20 bathroom makeover!)

Cleaning the linen closet is like an atomic nuclear chain reaction.....as I begin in one spot, it just spills into the next pile....

.....and the next......and the next.....which is why I gave myself 20 minutes!!  I was going to do this without it taxing my time or costing any money!  I didn't need "matchy-matchy" baskets or bins......I just needed convenient access to stuff!
The first step was to PURGE!!  My husband holds onto 80's cassette tapes, I hold onto blankets, sheets and towels......it's this weird compulsion that I feel that I will be saving my family from imminent disaster if I have enough linens....

As I pile them to give away...thoughts like...."What if a giant blizzard knocks out our power for days and we have no heat and the only thing that saves us is piling on multiple layers of flannel sheets???"  (I'm just being honest!)

So I started by emptying the closet.......and making piles to keep, give away, and trash....

It was hard.....I kept having to rip linens from my hands! 

The next step was organizing my sheets! The way to organizing my sheets was to make "packets".......I saw this in blogland somewhere and it's a GREAT idea! 

You put all of your sheets of ONE set into a pillowcase.  That way, if you get a horrendous case of the stomach flu in the middle of the night (which never happens in our house!)......you can just grab a complete set at one time and you're not fumbling for that matching pillowcase.....BRILLIANT!

I then decided to organize our medicine.....priority went to the children's pain reliever!  I have kids that grow an inch overnight, so leg pains are constant.....and they come at 2 AM with a child laying in the hallway writhing in pain.....the sooner we find the meds.......the sooner we get back to sleep!

I just used containers and bins that I already had and grouped "likes" together!  Quick and easy!

And the 20 minute reveal..................(and really....I did keep it to about 20 minutes!  I had piano lessons coming!)


And it didn't cost a thing!

Happy organizing!

Updated:  to correct the gazillion typos!!!  That's what happens when each family members interrupts me 500 times while I'm typing!!


Alison Agnew said...

i love it...and maxis? just keeping it real...;)

Sharon said...

Hey, I like the pillow case idea. BTW, Hope just put in a donation container in their parking lot from Community Aid. If you have anything you need to give away, you can run down the road and put it in there. The youth earn money by this. They get paid about $2 per 50 pounds, I think. Check it out!

Crystal said...

I love the pillow case idea. Tx for sharing that. Will def have to try it myself.

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