February 25, 2011

Jenny's Tutorial.....an embellished t-shirt

{Embellished T-shirts}

Finally.....part 3 of Jenny's TuTu Skirt Tutorial!
You can find Part 1 HERE....the skirt......and Part 2 HERE....the flower pin.
Materials Needed:
Decorative Fabric
Fusible Web
Image for shirt

Take your image and cut it out.  Cut the fabric just a bit larger then the image. 

Iron the fabric onto the fusible web.  Trace the image onto the back of the fusible fabric.  Make sure it is turned the opposite way.  I learned the hard way and ended up with a backward letter!  Cut out your fabric with the fusible webbing on the back. 

Peel off the back of the paper and place the image on the shirt.  Then iron on to the shirt. Make sure it is how you want it.  I like to play around with it at first. 

Once you are finished I like to use a fabric fray on the image.  Or if you have better sewing skills then myself you could stitch around the edges.  I used ribbon and buttons as embellishments.  Just use the same technique for the image, on the ribbon and sew on the buttons. 

Thanks so much, Jenny!  We've really enjoyed all of your tutorials!

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