February 28, 2011

Guest Post: Ballard Knock-off

{Ballard knock-off print}

hi everyone, I'm Alison from

Stuff and Nonsense

i'm happy to be
guest posting here on thrifty decorating
and i crafted this project just for the occasion
i called it my
ballard catalog print knock-off
when the last ballard designs catalog
made it's way into my mailbox
one of the items that
caught my eye
was this glycee print on canvas

and i wondered
if i could make something similar
i culled my raw materials from around the house
instant coffee
pages from an old and unloved book
a canvas board
decoupage medium
black construction paper
using the original as a guide
i cut out my book pages into shapes

i mixed the instant coffee with hot water
to dye some of the paper strips

and let them dry for a bit

then i dry fitted the paper pieces onto the canvas board

when i had them just right
i carefully began pasting them down
and covering the entire board with decoupage medium

after drying a couple hours
i second coated the whole thing
the next step
was to 'age' the art
with a mixture of
decoupage medium
brown paint

which was too dark

but after a few more tries
i got the desired color

i brushed the tinted medium on
and let dry


i spray coated with a clear glossy coat
for the shiny finish i wanted

the total cost: $0
since i already had the materials

time spent: a lovely afternoon

payoff: total thrifty satisfaction

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Thanks so much for sharing!
Alison has other amazing ideas over at her blog Stuff and Nonsense!  We went to the same college way back and she still lives in our college town in a 100+year old home lovingly called the Duff House that she is restoring.
Here are some of her amazing transformations!

I also like how she turned this:

....into this!

I love Alison's crisp, fresh style!  (and she homeschools, too!)  If you get a chance, check out some of her ideas at ......

Stuff and Nonsense

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Alison Agnew said...

thanks for featuring my nikki!

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