February 17, 2011

Easy Tutu Tutorial

My friend, Jenny, is from the South....the "y'all" South......the I'm eat'n boil'd peanuts South.....and her daughter is always dressed so beautiful on a Sunday mornin'!  She has started making some adorable outfits for her daughter (and niece) to wear.

Over the next few days I will be posting Jenny's tutorial for how to make this complete outfit:

She is a beginner when it comes to sewing so you CAN do this!

Today.....we'll learn how to make the tu-tu!


Materials:  Tulle (2-5 yards depending on child's size)
                  Needle and Thread

To make the waistband....cut a piece of elastic and measure it around your child's waist.  Find a comfortable length and sew the ends together.

Take the tulle and roll it up or fold it to a 3-4 inch width.  Cut 3-4 inch strips of tulle. These will become your strips to tie around the elastic.     

Once you  have your strips of tulle cut you are ready to tie them around the elastic.  Just tie the strips in a square knot.

To keep the tulle out of your way, loop the band of elastic around your leg like a garter and just keep rotating it around your leg.

Once you are finished you might want to trim up the bottom to even your skirt.  The more tulle, the more "foo-foo" (Is that a word?) it will be.  Super easy.  Hope you have fun with it:)


Over the next couple of days I will be posting Jenny's tutorial for the flower and the shirt!

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