February 21, 2011

TuTu Tutorial ----Flower Pin Tutorial

A few days ago, I shared Jenny's TuTu Tutorial for how to make this adorable skirt.  Today, I'm sharing with you her tutorial for how to make the silk flower. 

There are a lot of tutorials and ideas out in blogland for these flowers.  You can make them from organza the same way and attach them to barrettes and headbands or sew them to t-shirts.....endless possibilities!

Materials Needed
Bead, button, or any kind of embellishment
Hot glue/gun

Take your material and cut out different size circles.  You can trace jars, cups, anything round and in different sizes.  I used four circles, but you can use as many as you like.  (You can also alternate your materials..... silk, organza, silk, organza.....that's Nikki's sidenote!)

Using a candle, gently burn the edges of the circle.  Be very careful to not get the fabric too close to the flame.  If your edges happen to burn, you can trim that black part off.  You just want to fabric to curl up.

After you have curled your circles, stack them in layers.  You can then stitch the flower together using any type of beans, buttons, or embellishments.

To attach your flower to your skirt (or headband, barrette, etc) take a circle of felt and cut out a circle smaller than  your flower.  Glue your felt to the back of your satin flower.  At this point you can glue, pin or sew the flower to your skirt or your can glue it to a barrette or headband.......wherever you'd like to put it!

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Ashley said...

i LOVVVVVVVVVVVE this flower pin!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

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