December 9, 2010

Christmas Card Display

Each year I get Christmas cards in the mail and I end up putting them in a pile.  So many of them are beautiful pictures or pictures of friends that I would really love to display.'s a thrifty suggestion:

Grab an old shutter from the Habitat Restore.......

Grab a bottle of Rustoleum Heirloom White.....and spray!

Get your Christmas cards and a cheap container of wire ornament hooks.


I am thinking that it needs something more....maybe a red ribbon around the center of each shutter.....any suggestions?? 


I just couldn't handle the I added some ribbon and I love it now!!

Just take some Dollar Tree ribbon and staple it to the back.....

...ahh...a little more festive! 

(Now I just need to grab the screwdriver and take off the hinges and add my glass doorknob for the handle....)

1 comment:

berg4 said...

I love the red ribbon! It's the perfect finishing touch to display cards!

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