December 15, 2010

Gift Idea: Teen photo holder

Are your teen (or pre-teen) girls looking for a gift to give their friends this Christmas??  How about this....

I'd say "Isn't it adorable"....but I think that I say that too much! 

My friend, Dawn, is going to mod podge a scrap of the paper to the front of a clothespin and  glue it to the tile to hold a picture of her daughter and could also glue a metal clip, as well.....just grab that Gorilla Glue!!

For instructions on how to do the photo holder, you can go here to my Christmas plaque idea.

Dawn got her scrapbook paper at AC Moore.....and she even used a coupon!!!  Love it!

Total Cost:  $0.20 for the tile at the Habitat Restore
 $0.69 for the scrapbook paper (and you can get at least 2 photo holders out of 1 sheet)
Mod Podge----on hand
Ribbon---on hand
Clothespin---on hand
Plate holder---she got hers at Walmart for $1.00....The Dollar Tree also has them, as well.

Total cost:  Under $2.00!!

Here are some other plaques that she is working on:

This one is for her daughter's piano teacher....(She just printed the words on computer paper and used pastels to color it in....the music paper is just from AC Moore!)  The font that she used is called John Handy LET.

Dawn is working on a gorgeous one for her daughter's ballet teacher with ballet slipper scrapbook paper and ballet-type quote and then she had this one just sitting around her house...

She was inspired by my Christmas plaque.....if you've been inspired by one of my projects....leave me a comment or send an email.....I'd love to share it with everyone!

Some of your projects have just been gorgeous (and adorable)!!

1 comment:

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