December 1, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea: DIY button rings

I am dying to make these!

Yes....they are homemade......with BUTTONS!!!!  The Creative Crate shows you how to make them with these materials!

My problem has been finding the ring blanks....I keep going into Michael's and AC Moore asking for them and the sales people look at me like I am speaking Portugese......really.

I say...."Do you sell ring blanks?"
Salesperson:  "No"  (without pausing or looking up)
Me:  "Are you sure....maybe in your jewelry section?"
Salesperson:  "No...never heard of them."
Me:  "But the blog online told me that I could buy them here...."
Salesperson:  (now thoroughly annoyed with me!)  "No, we don't sell them!"

I actually walked back and found an empty box of them at one of those stores......I really felt like carrying it back up to customer service and saying..."SEE!  I told you they exist!"

I've given up trying to buy the ring blanks at a craft store, but you can find them here.  It seems like a good deal, but I haven't bought them yet....I haven't had time.....

But I really want my hand to look like this......oh well.....maybe someday! :)

1 comment:

Ryann said...

OMG me too I cant find them anywhere! I looked on the Joannes Website I went on the Michaels Website, I was gonna go on Ebay but I never really understood that lol. Have you found any places where they sell them yet? Or no. lol

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