September 13, 2011

Guest Posters Wanted.... I am totally stealing Natalie's idea from over at A Turtle's Life.....I was tempted to cut and paste it word-for-word 'cuz I know that she'd understand.....she's my neighbor and was under as much water as we were!

Crafting is just not going to be happening in my home for quite a while....drywalling, disinfecting....dusting up all the drywall dust.....that is what I'll be doing!  Hauling garbage to the township dumpster.....steam cleaning carpets.....well, you're getting the picture!

So......anyone want to guest post for me?  Anyone....anyone??

Just send me the html code via email and I'll put you up for the next couple of weeks......until I can get back on my bloggin' feet!

It can be an old project....maybe something that you submitted last week on Thrifty Thursday because I've not had a chance to go through any of the links!  I'm just needing your help right now! 

And don't forget to send me basement ideas!!


Good Time Charlie said...

I wish I had some basement ideas, I wish I had a basement! If you can find Candice Olsen "Divine Design" reruns on HGTV, she has a ton of fabulous basements. That is her favorite thing to do. Very good inspiration!

Jesika said...

My blog is not all that popular but if you still need someone let me know. I have a couple old posts and some new crafts I want to get to.

Hope all is well.

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