September 18, 2011

Just 10 minutes......

My friend, Kristi, blogs over at Homeschooling and Other Adventures......she often encourages my heart both in words and in person!  I hope that she encourages yours today......


I am a project person.  I love the sense of
completing monumental tasks of cleaning and
organization and the subsequent chaos control that
they bring to our home.

Reality check...

I have three children who are messy little
creatures and a husband that places his
shoes beside the shoe basket in the entry way (I
love you hunny!)...

...add in some practice...gardening...

Projects NEVER get done around here.

As I prayed I asked God to help me with my To-Do
list according to His purpose each day.  When I
actually take time to pray as I'm preparing my
list of things to do, things always go better and
those tasks that remain feel less like failures.

Honestly, I should really add "pray" to the top of
my to-do list for each day...

The overwhelming sense of disorder in my home was
getting to me last May when we finished our school
year.  And I promptly sat down and started making a
list of things that I would accomplish before I
started the new school year....

Then I had an epiphany....(thanks, God!)

I don't have hours of interrupted time to
accomplish Hercules-sized labors...

...but I do have 10 minutes.

Even little one can sit beside me and play quietly
for 10 minutes while I work.

So, I've begun to set the timer and work on a
small task for 10 minutes.  When the time is up, I
am finished (even if my project is undone).  Those
of you who know my first-born, perfection driven
personality probably doubt that I actually left a
project undone...and you were right the first few

Then I learned...

I cannot organize my bedroom closet in ten
minutes...but I can put all the clothing I no
longer wear into a bin for donations... another ten minute segment later that day I
organized my shoes and purses...

...another ten minutes and my hubby's clothes were
re-organized more neatly...

I have followed my 10 minutes rule and have
accomplished quite a lot.

But most importantly, I have learned to cut
projects into manageable chunks so that my
children are a blessing to me instead of
interruptions in my projects.  After all, aren't my
children's tender hearts why I'm home anyway??

Thanks for sharing today, Kristi!

1 comment:

Mama Fry said...

Thank you, thank you. I needed this refocus.

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