September 22, 2011

Stretching your Scrubbing Bubbles....

My name is Emily Soen. My husband, Philip, and daughter, Anastasia, live in Jackson, Mississippi. Philip is in a wheelchair and our blog, Rollin' with the Soens, is a collection of thoughts, recommendations, and stories about our unfamous but uncommon life in Mississippi. 

Philip has a neurological condition called Charcot Marie Tooth. We met on Eharmony almost 3 years ago and have managed to live what seems about 6 years worth of experience since then. I am originally from a rural town in the Mississippi Delta and Philip is from Chicagoland. Philip is pursuing his Masters of Divinity, I am a fitness instructor and we have a home-based business as well. 

As I was cleaning the toilet one morning I realized I could stretch my Johnson and Johnson dollar even further. First of all, their toilet bowl cleaner set comes with a wand and an attachment that fits right over the tank to store it. Given our highly limited amount of space, this is a genius invention.

Johnson & Johnson also makes a disposable cleaner to attach to this wand and then flush down the toilet. The cleaning agent is embedded in the little pieces of paper-towel like paper. My epiphany came when I realized I could rip one of those match-box sized suckers in half!

It's best to take a single sheet of toilet paper and fold it several times to put in the wand with the cleaning sheets.

Now I get twice the Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning experience from the same package. Score one for toilet bowl cleaners.


Thanks so much for the tip, Emily!  I LOVE Scrubbing Bubbles and as much as my grocery bill was last week.....I'd love to be able to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my cleaning products!

Also....don't forget that Friday is that last day to enter 

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