September 25, 2011

Pretty chalk paint pumpkins. . . .

I have been working hard in my basement and I can't wait to show you what we are doing!!  It's a completely different look and I am lovin' it!  

My husband keeps telling me that I got an extra special gift for my 40th birthday.....a new basement!  (I punched him in the arm!)  Actually....I am grateful for ALL that he is doing and has done....he is working like crazy down there and he trusted my vision and is loving the result.

I hope to have a sneak peek later this week.....

But today....welcome to Bonnie, from a wee Meenit....


The fall is my favorite time of the year!
Nothing beats the changing color of the leaves, cooler temps, the need for a jacket in the evening. I would live in a climate like this all year round!
I also love to decorate for fall. I figured I better get started before I had to add the Halloween decorations that I love too, but that is just not as pretty as just fall!

So here are a few things I did (with my super awesome, 6 year old helper girl!) ;0P

I just got back from an Annie Sloan Chalk paint workshop & was excited to see what I could do to the finish on faux pumpkins. I did a few in Greek Blue (LOVE that color, I see a table in my future in GB). I started with an assortment of faux pumpkins, mostly orange. I love the shape of these two, got them from local craft store (they are all running together so I don't know which store), they are not your standard 'round' faux pumpkin.

I only did one coat as I knew I would be doing a wash on it with Old White: after completely dry I added a bit of water to Old White & brushed it on over my kitchen sink, while wiping away what I wanted to with a damp paper towel. When it gets too full of paint to wipe away, just rinse it out & use it some more. I found it easier to break it up into a few sections and that way I didn't have to work so fast.

The picture frame in the photo above I finished in the workshop
& as soon as I get a new hard drive for my laptop ( back it up people!!!) I will do a post about that.

I also did a taupe pumpkin using an oops paint tester from Home Depot, it was only $.50! I did the same Old White wash over it & I love this one too!
I painted another small one Paris Gray but no wash on it but did use some of the high gloss spray paint from Deco. It is in a photo below with all the other pumpkins.

Lastly I did a cute little pumpkin that started out white & covered it with Provence. After it dried completely I painted thick & thin spots on top with Old White.

I hit it with a hair dryer so the thinner spots would be dry but the thicker spots not.
I then took a damp paper towel & started to rub off the thick areas.

I then took a sanding block & distressed the pumpkin!! The last step I glazed it with a wash of Old Ochre but no high gloss spray as I liked the matte finish on the ASCP pumpkins!

The Metallic pumpkins on the bottom shelf are a knock off of pumpkins I saw & loved @ Hobby Lobby and can be seen here&l t;/a>.

what do you think, did I make them look better than the craft store orange faux??


Thanks, Bonnie!  And remember.....if you want to try making your own chalk paint, you can go to HERE to get a link to a tutorial!

As part of our basement redesign, I am going to be painting the furniture downstairs......I am going to try the make-your-own-chalk-paint tutorial and I bought some paste wax recommended at my local True Value Hardware store....

I'll keep you posted!


Something Nice and Pretty said...

Just gorgeous! I can't wait to see your basement it will be fab!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Nicole, I painted a pumpkin blue today too but yours looks a lot better. Now I see I need to add the white wash. Thanks for the link to my DIY chalk paint.

Lori @ La-La's Home Daycare said...

Whoa! These are awesome! I love the colors so much. Great job on those pumpkins!

Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

Hi! These are just gorgeous :) have a great day!

Nikki Monet said...

I love how your table came out. I dont traditionally think of blue for fall but this looks awesome!! I would love it if you would stop by and share this at my linky party!

Bonnie ~ a wee Meenit said...

Thanks for Featuring me Nicole! You can view my Chalk Paint pumpkins featured here at: http//

Thanks again Nicole!!

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