December 3, 2010

Dollar Tree Advent Wreath

I grew up Presbyterian, so Advent was a HUGE part of our Christmas.  We couldn't even open our Christmas presents on Christmas morning until we lit the center candle!

I've always wanted to bring the Advent tradition into our family....but have you seen the cost of Advent wreaths???  Every year I say that I am just going to suck-it-up and buy one and every year I just can't put down the cash.....

One year, my husband made one.....he took nails and pounded them through taper candles and a was lovely.....(kidding!)  Actually, the candles bent in every direction, but I really appreciated his effort.

Well...tonight, when he walked through the door with some more taper candles and a desire to "make" an advent wreath.....I RAN to The Dollar Tree!

And this is what I made.........

I'll tell you how tomorrow!

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