November 12, 2010

Children's Art

Okay---so I am terrible about putting my children's artwork on the wall.  Are you ready for a confessional....

This drawer is stuffed with years! of my kid's artwork.....

The rest go here... children (and husband!) have been known to dig through the garbage to look for special momento's that I toss.  Really, now, can I save EVERYTHING????

Recently, though--after stumbling across my local Goodwill and some amazing blogs, I have come up with this:

(Please don't judge me on my ability to create a straight line....I was rushing!)

Directions:  Go to Goodwill....go to their large selection of gross and ugly pictures.  Find 3 (because I have 3 kids!) frames that look relatively similar.  Bring them home and GET OUT THE SPRAYPAINT!!!

Now....if you are doing it the "right" way and NOT rushing like I was, you will prime them and they will look gorgeous.  If you are in a hurry like me, you get the glossy white out, crack the garage door, throw down some newspaper and start spraying.  Because I didn't prime, they needed a little bit of help.....a few more coats than I would prefer.

Now....our local Walmart is about 20 MILES AWAY (The craft store is like 25!!!!!!!!!) getting cute fabric was not an option.  But....we have a True Value hardware store....and they sell the foot!!!  It's $0.99/foot, but it's like 60 inches wide.  So I asked them for a foot. 

Of course, they brought out some WITH WORDS ON IT!!!  I kindly looked at the man and said, it was for a craft and I couldn't possibly have words on it.  Giving me a strange look, he went and cut me another piece.

And voila!  A little bit of hot glue and I have a backing for my pictures and my kids art is not sitting in a local dump somewhere!

1 comment:

kbm said...

Uhhhh-DOR-able!!!! Love, love, love! I've been considering doing something like this and you've now inspired me to get it done. Thanks!

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