November 15, 2010

Harvest Sign

Once again....I was inspired by others!  Here is where you can go for step-by-step instructions since I was never intending to start a blog and wasn't taking any pictures at this point!

I love Upper Case Living.....but I just can't afford it......but I have recently discovered someone online who will cut this vinyl for you and send it from Utah!  Jill's prices are AMAZING.....I think the lettering for this sign cost $5.00!!!

Here is her website

Now I look at Jill's website and get COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED by all the if you are like me go to Dandelions and Dustbunnies. (Why couldn't I think of such a cute name????) 

At Dandelions and Dustbunnies she has done adorable, inexpensive crafts....things that you could use for Christmas gifts...using Jill's vinyl!!!

Anyway...back to the sign....

Get an old piece of wood.....SPRAY IT!!! can spray it heirloom white, creamy ivory....whatever whitish color you have.  (You could even brush on regular paint...if necessary!)

At this point, I did not have my free can of glaze from my mom, so I went and grabbed my handy can of Minwax stain and an old cruddy t-shirt.

Rub on the stain and then rough up the edges.

Get your vinyl letters and rub them onto the wood....after you've patiently waited for everything to dry, of course!

And you have a gorgeous sign to set on your mantle or table for Thanksgiving.  

Jill does custom work.....she will cut whatever saying you want and has MANY fonts on her website.  I just need Dandelions and Dustbunnies because I have trouble making decisions..... :)


Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies said...

Hey, thanks for the feature. I love how your sign turned out. Jill does do a great job. Can't wait to see more of your projects.

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