November 17, 2010

Family sign

I love the Habitat Restore.....yes, it is overwhelming because it is SOOO big, but again....I go and shop with a purpose....I take a list telling me exactly what I need or I just wander around completely lost!

On this trip, I was looking for a cabinet door.   I forget how much it was per linear foot, but after the salesperson measured it, this door was only $0.80!!!  (And there were TONS of doors!)

Now I will tell you the correct way to do this....not how I did it because I was RUSHING!

Prime the door!!!  I didn't prime it and I started with Krylon's glossy ivory and I got these weird little bubbles all over the door.  In fact, I left it in the garage for days because I thought that I ruined it......but YOU CAN'T RUIN SPRAYPAINT!!!  A little bit of sand paper to rough it up and you have a completely new surface ready for its new coat of paint.

The second time around I decided to use Rustoleum Heirloom's a satin finish and really looks nice!  I think that I prefer satin....I'm just not a glossy-type girl.

Once this point, I was not planning to start a blog, so I have no pictures.....but imagine a piece of wood now a lovely shade of ivory!

After letting the spray paint dry (which I didn't!), add some Minwax stain or my new favorite....Behr antiquing glaze.  I just rubbed it on with my son's old t-shirt.

I find that the antiquing glaze is thicker and allows you to add more depth to the "antiqued" look.

I wanted it to look really old, so I left so clumps and streaks. 

Then...I started to sand and rough up the board.

I thought that I let it dry long enough so I went to apply some of Jill's vinyl over at Utah Vinyl....alas....I didn't wait long enough and the spray paint was wet and pieces of paint pulled off and it was a complete disaster!!!

You can't see.....but the vinyl sticky paper pulled the spray paint off between the FAMILY letters.  I ended up spraying a blast of paint on a paper plate and using a watercolor brush to pull paint off the plate to fill-in the holes where my paint was pulled off.  I then just glazed over it again.....mistakes are ALL part of the charm!  (At least I just keep telling myself that!)

The vinyl cost about $5.00!!  So in all (since I already had spraypaint and glaze)....the project cost $5.80!!!

I'd like to drill holes at the top and run a pretty ribbon through it and tie a bow hanger on it! 

Wouldn't this be a gorgeous Christmas gift???


Anonymous said...

Love this! I have the perfect spot for this and just discovered a nearby ReStore for the cabinet door. I'll let you know how it turns out when I get it done. Thanks for the tutorial!

Tammy said...

It looks great! So sorry that you had so many "oops", but what a sport to keep going to the finish the project!

Julia @ 551Eastdesign said...

This is very pretty, I'm glad it turned out:)

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