November 12, 2010

Goodwill frame turned shadow box

Once again.....go to the Goodwill gross and ugly picture section.....Did you know that Goodwill has a DISCOUNT CARD!!!!  For a mere $4.25 you can purchase a discount card for Goodwill. (Doesn't that seem like a contradiction????)  Check your local stores because they run daily promotions.  On Tuesday, I can pick from a fishbowl for up to 30% my entire order....I think this $2.97 frame was "marked down" with my discount to $2.30!

Find a chunky ugly frame....take it apart and spray with Satin Black.  Rustoleum has a gorgeous "Canyon Black" color. (I think that's the name.  I better check!)

You will need a handy husband (or dad) to take their scrapwood and build you a box to attach to the frame.  I'm not sure how he attached it.  I would have used Gorilla glue......

Spray the box. (Don't look at my drip marks....I was rushing!)

Go back to Goodwill (because you forgot to buy anything to put into it!!) and look at their EXTENSIVE glassware section!

Find some matching glassware.

If you are craftier than me, fill it with cute things.  This is in my laundry room and would look adorable filled with tiny little clothes pins, but again, my closest craft store is MILES they sit empty!

I think that I may back the whole thing with this fabric.  What do you think?

1 comment:

Faith said...

Ok! You totally crack me up with the paint drips thing! I SO totally do the same thing!

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