November 29, 2010

Gorgeous Pinecone Wreath

If only I had pinecones.......I have access to at least 10 pine trees, but no pinecones....where did they all go??

I found this at the Craft-O-Maniac link party today.  Just to clarify.....this is not my wreath, I just liked it and wanted to share!

Here are the instructions.....super easy and I think that The Dollar Tree even has the styrofoam wreath form for $1.00!!!  And honey, I forgive you for dissing the dollar stores in your message yesterday! 

(For those of you who don't know husband is a pastor and had the nerve to diss the dollar store in his message....well, yesterday,....he needed to purchase an extension cord and where did he go......The Dollar Store.....and who was working there??......someone who had been at church over the weekend......and what did she say???...."Look who needs the dollar store now!!!" LOL  I couldn't have said it better!!)

Happy Crafting!!

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